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Yasin Industry fish collagen Peptide is an enzymatically decomposed product consisting of small peptide molecule. We ensure a perfect absorption from the human body by to produce a molecular weight around 1000 DAL. With high protein content, low ash and low heavy metal content, high HYP content. We garantie our fish collagen peptide are in high quality standard. Compared to collagen from cattle or pigs, fish collagen is considered as safe.

fish collagen supplier

Collagen is a brous protein which is dominant in the connective tissue of animals; it has a wide range of applications in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and photographic industries, among others. There is a growing interest in the extraction process of collagen and its derivatives due to the growing tendency to use this protein to replace synthetic agents in various industrial processes, which results in a greater appreciation of the by-products from animal slaughter

Certification of Analysis 

Fish Collagen COA.pdf

Specification sheet

• Organization Form Uniform powder or granules, soft, no caking

• Color White or yellow light powder

• Taste and Smell No smell

• Impurity No visible exogenous impurity

• Test methode Q/HRB0003S

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