Yasin Protein Service

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After-Sale Service

If you encounter any problems, we will promptly provide you with a remedy. When a quality dispute occurs, and it is confirmed by a third party that it is indeed in compliance with the situation, we will be 100% responsible to eliminate your worries. If there is any quality problem, we are always here.

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Technical Support

We not only supply quality protein, but also offer technical support if you need it.  Through our sustained scientific research and state-of-the-art operations, we help our customers achieve their goals and create world-class collagen products. Up to now, we offer solutions to more than 1,500 customers from all over the world.


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Training Support

Yasin highly valued on customer and staff training, including product knowledge, business skill training as well as exhibition manner service. Our mission is to create a professional team and dynamic team to serve more customers. At the same time, we hope our efforts can help customers take up more market shares.