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Pea Peptide Application & Function

Application & Function


It has the functions of auxiliary lowering blood lipid, relieves physical fatigue, enhances sports nutrition, auxiliary lowering blood pressure, reducing weight, etc.

1. Health food: It has the functions of auxiliary reducing weight, auxiliary lowering blood lipid, enhance sports nutrition, relieve physical fatigue, etc.

2. Food for special medical purposes.

3. It can be added to all kinds of food as effective ingredients such as beverages, solid beverages, biscuits, candies, cakes, tea, wine, condiments, etc. to improve the flavor and functionality of the food.

4. Suitable for beverages, tablets, candies, capsules, etc.

5. Suitable for cosmetics, it can be added to facial cleanser, cream, mask, toner, etc., with whitening, moisturizing and other functions.

6. Recommended usage: 3-5 g / day

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